Callaway Golf’s Big Bertha

Back when the world was still at war (the first, to be exact), the Germans manufactured a new and super heavy type of howitzer. A howitzer is a type of tank with a long tube-like barrel used to fire shells at a pretty good trajectory. The new type of howitzer, however, was made with a longer barrel, a heavier tank, and a stronger tube that can carry shells and bombs that can cause so much more destruction than the other types of howitzers. This super heavy howitzer was baptized as “Big Bertha.”

Unfortunately for Germany, the Central Powers lost and the United States Army was able to capture two of the last Big Bertha’s during the end of the war. These tanks ended up on display on a museum.Fast forward to today’s time, Big Bertha’s aren’t used for world wars anymore. Nowadays, she’s being used for a different kind of war, if you want to call a man versus a small white ball in a vast, green field, a war.

Callaway golfIn the world of golf, Big Bertha has been every man’s dream girl. She started out as a heavy tank that shoots and destroys. Now, she’s light, slim and good with hitting balls to their holes.Back in 1991,

Callaway golf released their new line of drivers called “Big Bertha.”

It is believed that the company named it as such to commemorate the great German howitzer. The design of the Big Bertha golf club was utterly different from the traditional clubs during that time. Some even considered the model as a drastic change from the other clubs.

In the early 90’s, golf clubs were made using persimmon wood and was customized to have small heads. The Big Bertha, however, was made entirely out of stainless steel with a head twice bigger than the wooden drivers.A decade later, Callaway golf has expanded the Big Bertha family. The “Great Big Bertha” and the “Biggest Big Bertha” are two lines of drivers that was launched by the company. In 2003 and 2004, the company released “Great Big Bertha II” and “Big Bertha 454” respectively.

golf gripOne of the changes in the design of this club is that instead of using stainless steel, they utilized titanium. Even though Great Big Bertha was not the first to use titanium, they were the ones who took credit for it, proving that titanium can be as good, or better even, than stainless steel. Another change is the shape. The traditional pear shape of the head was shifted to a round shape, making the weight evenly distributed.

Up to now, Callaway golf is still looking up new designs and features for the Big Bertha family. What’s great about the Big Bertha drivers is that they are especially made for average players. These clubs are and can be used by anyone, which is why golf players and loyal customers are always on watch for the next addition to the Big Bertha clan.

Now, the Big Bertha drivers are modified so much that some are lighter than the first clubs, improving the speed of the swing and the impact of the head to the ball, sending it flying straight and fast afar. The newest models have features that enable the player to adjust the perimeter weighting or the hostel.

The biggest success of the Big Bertha is beyond the different lines of drivers. Her greatest achievement was putting Callaway golf on the map. From being a specialty-club company to the leading manufacturer of golf clubs and equipment in the world, Big Bertha was able to attract the attention of the golf industry to her father’s name.Getting harder to hold onto your clubs? Sounds like it’s time for some new golf grips!