Live Chat Etiquette

live chatAlthough live chat functionalities are a relatively new addition to customer service, it has developed a set etiquette to make live chat an effective experience. How does a live chat become effective? A live chat experience becomes effective only if the customers’ queries are answered.  A satisfactory “Thank You” from a customer is a badge bragged by every business. The following is a list of etiquettes live chat agents must adhere to:

  1. Be Friendly

Being friendly to customers is a skill to be mastered. Unlike engaging in live calls, being friendly in live chat may seem easier because there is no voice involved. With this, choosing the right words and sentences is the key. Live chat business and services provide their own standard scripts. Effective words are proven to elicit different responses from customers. For example, the words “assured” and “guaranteed” may have a similar meaning but “guaranteed” sounds more confident, unbreakable and serious.

  1. Introduce Yourself

serviceCustomer service representatives in hotlines only introduce themselves as a company. Live chat agents, however, must introduce themselves by their first name. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a real name but companies will sometimes require them to use their real names because it is easier to monitor and account for. Including your name in introductions gives a real connection to the customer. It is a proven fact that people tend to be braver online because of their anonymity. By stating your name, the customers will be prompted to introduce themselves to.

  1. Avoid Jokes and Sarcasm

Jokes and sarcasm lessen the degree of professionalism. Live chat agents must avoid jokes and sarcasm at all times. Because no voice is involved, it can be hard to determine if it is a joke or not. Additionally, live chat agents are dealing with lots of people from different social backgrounds, making some jokes a taboo. Sarcasm is totally offensive in live chat as it insults the customers’ intelligence.

  1. Be Understanding and Patient

Live chat agents must answer a query as polite and direct as possible, no matter how silly or obvious the answer to the question is. They should put themselves in the customers’ shoes. They should never think of the customers being similar as them. Unless they explicitly say so, it is hard to pinpoint the customers’ age, educational background, gender and current situation. Remember the main purpose of live chat is to satisfy the customers’ query as quick and complete as possible.

Live chat may seem like an inconsequential action to some people, therefore it must be expected that some people would pull pranks and mockery. Each company has different kinds of script to deal with this kind of conversation.

  1. Concise Answers First, then Details

globalCustomers’ questions must be answered as direct as possible. When agents receive a question, they should provide the most readily available answer then elaborate only if the customers are still confused. Answering in depth may seem like an impeccable customer service, but customers do not like answers that seem like an excerpt from a novel. This is not the time to show off a wide vocabulary (but it will always be handy). For example, if a customer asks for the company’s hotline and there are 3 different customer hotlines, provide all 3 including the concern of that hotline (e.g. billing or subscriptions). Include the office hours but do not explain what billing or subscription is, unless the customer asks.

  1. Control Your Temper

At times, some customers will be very hard to deal with. No matter what happens, do not use all caps and more than one exclamation point to show that you’re shouting. When being persistently asked about a competitions product or rates, speak equally of both but mention the benefits of the product or service you are offering.