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5 Cool Ways to Recycle your Old Badge Lanyards

Naturally, when choosing a type of material to work with for a craft project, there are  three things that you have to consider. First is how cost-effective it is to work with this  material. Second is the material’s versatility; that is, whether there are a lot of various  end-products that can be made from the same material. Lastly, you have to look at the
aesthetic appeal that the materials provide to increase the craft value.

Badge lanyards are not the most popular materials used in various crafts, but they satisfy  all of the above factors. It is very economical (not to mention, environmental-friendly) to recycle old materials that will otherwise just be thrown away, instead of choosing a craft  that will require you to buy a lot of new materials.

Versatility is also not a problem because there are numerous things that you can make from these old lanyards. Using a seemingly boring material that you had only used for work, you’d also be surprised to see how attractive your projects will turn out with just a bit of tweaking.

Repurposed Lanyard

Cord lanyardPerhaps, the most obvious way to re-use your old badge lanyards is to still use them as a lanyard, only this time to hold other items. All you have to do is to detach your old ID badge from its lanyard, then attach the item/s that you want to use the lanyard for. You can use it to hold mobile phones, keys or key chains, or even a new ID. If your old badge lanyard is customized with your old company’s design, covering it up with some color pens, glitters or glitter glue, paint, buttons, laces, and other decorative materials can do the trick.

Water Bottle Holder

For Badge Lanyards that will no longer be used as written above, a practical way to reuse them would be to make a bottle holder. Aside from your old lanyards, you only need a plastic ring—can be bought from a craft store or substituted with any old rings—that fits around your water bottle. A basic design is to attach two strands of lanyard to the ring, then fit the bottle into the ring, and work the strands into a loop around the neck to hold it in place. The loose ends of the strands can then be tied onto your bag or bicycle.


Bookmarks are practically easy to do. You simply have to get a plastic canvas or cardboard. Cut the canvas or board to your desired shape. Pierce a hole through one end of the canvas or board then place the lanyard through the hole, preferably weaving it up and down then
tying it off at the end so it won’t unravel. You may decorate the canvas or board as desired, or use different-colored lanyards to create a pattern.

Religious Craft

For the creative and faithful, it is possible to use old badge lanyards to create ornaments that show one’s faith. Depending on your religion, all you have to do is grab a few craft sticks and glue them together to form your desired shape (God’s Eye, Star of David, Catholic Crucifix, etc.). Once the sticks are held properly in place, wrap the lanyards around them to produce the desired color. Use the remaining loose ends to hang up the ornament.


Some creative crafters are able to use old lanyards for jewelry making. The lanyard may be used as a necklace, especially after embellishing them with some colored beads and other jewelry items. The hooks at the end of the lanyards can also help create a personalized pendant. Old lanyards are also popular in making friendship bracelets and earrings.So if you don’t want to spend too much on a new craft and you’re in the mood to put your creativity to the test, old badge lanyards are the perfect materials to use.