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All About Funeral

When one of our loved ones has died, we are in the moment of grieving. After we’ve cried for them, one of the things we will do is to set for their memorial. That is one of our initial actions. We are looking for various mortuaries that offer memorial services.

Have you ever asked yourself some time, on why we need to have funerals for our departed loved ones?

Why we need to spend money on funeral?

Here are some facts you shall learn about funeral.

funeralA funeral is basically a ceremony focused on the burial or cremation of a dead person, or the burial with attendant observances. It is a big factor when one of our loved ones has died. It fills our grieving needs, as well as to give tribute and respect to our departed loved one. It is a traditional way of giving importance to a departed person before he will be buried or cremated. Different cultures have various kinds of services. But, the main purpose of it is to acknowledge the death of the person, give testimonies about their past lives, sympathized with the family and give hope to them.

Do you know the person who has the most expensive memorial service?

It is the burial of Alexander the Great that costs about $ 600,000,000 if will be converted to today’s value. It became the most expensive because a road was built at that time connecting Babylon and Alexandria.

According to scientific study, funeral makes time for healing that other things cannot provide. Through holding services, we are being able to anticipate with other people’s mourning and reminiscing the good times we had with them. It serves as a an acceptance and a healing process.

The Gentry Griffey Chapel in Knoxville, Tennessee, is one of the memorial service providers that assists families and friends in the grieving process. We are offering comfort and peace for six decades. Our company understands that the families and friends of the dead person are needing special time to heal their wounds. You may view our website at gentrygriffey.com to know more about our service offerings.

CremationWe have been also asking ourselves on how much to spend in holding a funeral. It depends upon to the memorial service provider you will choose. Different mortuaries have various price list. It will also depend on the services they are being able to provide like setting flower arrangements, conducting musical services, using limousines or any kinds of cars, obituaries, and many more. Usually, the prices of memorial services will depend on two things. The first is the services at the chapel or home and the other is the merchandise that will be acquired like caskets or urns. The Gentry Griffey Chapel offers many choices when it comes to such services. We are offering a chapel in case the family doesn’t want to hold the service in their home. We also offer different designs of caskets and urns.

The common set-up of a mortuary is, the casket or urn in the middle of the area which is near the wall, and all the flowers and other things necessary to the day are placed around. The casket is being adorned with flowers, and also for the urns if cremation happened before the rites. The social gathering of the people going into the service is called the “wake”. In Asian countries, the rite has typically been held in the homes of their family. Meanwhile, in the other continents, they usually place the service in a chapel or any place convenient to them. We also have a chapel. With Gentry Griffey, we are offering a memorial chapel in case the family wants a more convenient place for the service.

A company can be considered as an expert if it can serve various cultures and traditions. Not all service providers can do this kind of expertise and professionalism. Knowing the cultures and traditions of other nationalities is very relevant in pursuing the career of a certain company. The Gentry Griffey Chapel is one of the service providers that can have an expertise in serving different cultures. We have well-trained staffs that can accommodate any types of cultures and traditions which is very important in holding memorial services.

There are so more facts that can help you know about why we are holding this kind of special memorial. The most important thing is, to not forget that our departed loved ones shall be treated special, at least on their last days with us.